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Wednesday, October 30, 2013 Expands Their Image Editing Workforce To Process Over One Million Images

The firm has upgrade their infrastructure to be able to process the increase in customer demand. Real Estate and E-Commerce Industries have exponentially increased service demands in 2013.

PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY, October 30, 2013, Already a dominating force in image editing, has taken a giant step by upgrading their infrastructure and expanding the staff to be able to process over one million images per year. This is a direct result of the ever increasing use of images in the Real Estate and E-Commerce Industries. The use of images has been proven many times to increase the response and effectiveness of all forms of marketing.

Most companies do not employ image editing professionals, which is why it makes sense to outsource to a company like Outsource2India that has the highest quality staff in the photo editing industry. This is why they are considered the place to go to get the image editing that will create the most effective advertising campaigns. It is not an area for amateurs, explains a company spokesperson.

Outsource2India provides high quality image editing at very cost effective pricing. Companies all over the world come to them for: photo editing, image stitching, digital photo enhancement and vectorization. Very often, real estate firms require: still image enhancement, panoramas, virtual tours, perspective correction, and sky change or color cast.

eCommerce companies need image clipping services to display their products more professionally. During a recent interview, an Outsource2India’s Sr. Sales Manager explained it this way: "As an image with backgrounds is not optimized for displaying products, a clipped image means a clean and professional looking image is the best for eCommerce portals." By partnering with Outsource2India, eCommerce companies can stay competitive with affordable image clipping outsourcing services.

Outsourcing these services makes good business sense. It enables a company to use their staff to increase sales, and not spend more time than is required to turn-out top quality image work. The staff at Outsource2India has done so many projects that it would be hard to equal their talents. Industry insiders have recognized Outsource2India as the company that will be the dominant force for years to come.

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