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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cobb Wellness & Aesthetics Details Popular Non-Surgical Plastic Surgery Procedures Atlanta

Cobb Wellness & Aesthetics listed five popular non-surgical facial cosmetic procedures including essential information in an infographic. Released in their website, the infographic provides information about Botox, Ultherapy, facial fillers, fractional CO2 laser, and platelet rich plasma procedures.

There has been many developments in the cosmetic surgery field. People who are searching for the perfect, timeless beauty will be delighted with the various options they could choose from. But these procedures are vastly different from each other. They may all have the same objective of slowing the aging process or restoring youthful look but each of them applies a unique technique in achieving it. Cosmetic surgeons can provide a good recommendation to their patients after a thorough examination of their skin type, procedure compatibility, and medical limitations. Among the growing list of non-surgical facial cosmetic procedures, Cobb Wellness & Aesthetics singled out five popular choices of patients which are Botox injections, Ultherapy, facial fillers, fractional CO2 laser, and platelet rich plasma procedures. The company is known for providing non-surgical plastic surgery Atlanta. To help patients understand their options, the company discussed the basic information of each procedure in an infographic. It includes the techniques applied by each procedure and the benefits they could expect after. Here are some important notes discussed in the infographic.

Botox procedure uses a purified protein injected to the face which relaxes facial muscles. It smoothen lines between the brows, in the forehead, and around the eyes. Botox is toxin from the Clostridium Botulinum bacteria which was originally used to treat patients with eye muscle problems. Ultherapy is another procedure that helps in smoothing lines in the face and neck. It uses micro focus ultrasound technology to heat up the deeper tissues of the skin, stimulating collagen that tightens, lifts, and tones the skin. Facial fillers, also called wrinkle fillers, are used to fill in deeper wrinkles in the face. By restoring volume in the cheek, it softens wrinkles and tightens sagging skin. Facial fillers usually use collagen, hyaluronic acid, and polymethylmethacrylate beads as materials. Fractional CO2 laser is a laser resurfacing technology that utilizes beamlets of energy light to trigger the production of collagen. Lastly, platelet rich plasma makes use of growth factors present in platelet rich plasma. They are harvested after the patient’s blood is spun in high speed with the plasma settling at the top.

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Cobb Wellness & Aesthetics offers non-surgical aesthetic procedures. The company is located at 1905 Woodstock Rd. Atlanta, GA 30075. You can reach them through their number 770-649-0094 or through email at

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