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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Non-Profit Donor Contact Process Recognized

Official Institute Recognition Seal
The Institute of Expert Achievement issues official recognition.

The Institute of Expert Achievement has taken official note of the expert development of an systematized process for non-profit donor nurturing.

Mr. Donart Nummer, a successful non-profit development manager has created a system of donor contact known as “Multi-Touch Donor Development”. The process was designed to increase donor goodwill, awareness, response and retention.

According to Nummer, his process "Begins with systematically thanking a donor-base for their past participation". While acknowledging that every non-profit is apt to thank their donors, he is convinced many do so in a rather perfunctory way.

"Some non-profits believe a thank you given at year-end along with a receipt for tax purposes is sufficient", says Nummer, "but in fact such a thank-you is only marginally better than no thank-you at al". "More advanced organizations will send a thank you acknowledgment triggered by each donation – that is certainly a start", he continued.

Nummer's philosophy is that donors should be individually thanked in a non-automated way by non-development personnel, then included in a general thank you ( made without an included appeal ) and with their consent, publicly acknowledged.

"Essentially, a donor must be thanked a minimum of 3 times before being solicited again", Nummer explains. He strongly encourages the first of the series of three thank you “touches” be made via phone from a team member not in development.

Nummer's process specifies that the phone thank you calls be made by any staff or board member not focused on fund-raising. "We encourage an organization to require all staff and board members to make regular donor contacts – specifically to thank donors while absolutely avoiding additional appeals".

The process is not only effective at increasing contributions, but it has an important ancillary benefit of better connecting donors with the the mission. The process has other elements that are detailed in the Multi-Touch Donor Development process documentation.

The Institute of Expert Achievement has recognized Donart Nummer for creating his useful process and notes it can produce an increase in donor yield of up to 50%.

About The Institute of Expert Achievement:
The Institute exists to recognize individuals for worthy professional achievements demonstrating significant expertise. Achievements are brought to the attention of the Institute via nomination, considered via a staff vetting process and possibly approved for official recognition by board action. For more information please visit the Institute's website at

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