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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Choosing A Breeder Is As Important As Choosing A Breed

When it comes to buying a kitten, you should put as much effort into picking a breeder as you did for picking a breed

So you have done your homework and selected the type of cat you want among the 40 or so breeds. Now you want to find the perfect place to purchase your furry friend. You should avoid buying a kitten from a pet store. There is not a lot of human interaction in pet stores and you do not know where the cat came from. Many pet stores purchase their kittens and puppies from unreputable farms (mills) that treat the animals very poorly.

A pedigree kitten should be purchased directly from a reputable breeder. You can meet breeders at cat shows, through the newspaper or through the Internet. Because kittens socialize slower than puppies, most breeders will not sell you one until they are about four months old. Kittens need that extra time to interact with their littermates and mother -- to be well adjusted. By four months, the kittens will have had most of their shots also.

When choosing a breeder you should ask them a few questions such as what type of other breeds they work with and how long they have been breeding. This will give you an idea of the depth of their knowledge in the field. Additionally, ask them if they show the cats and if they have won any titles. You can get a good idea of purity of the pedigree with this question. Many breeders do not show their cats all the time but they do enter some competitions because they are concerned with improving the breed. They are not in the business just to sell kittens like pet stores.


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