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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Geniusystems International Unveils Exclusive Master Licensing for Real Estate Projects

Unparalleled Advantages & Unbelievable Prices Create Unforgettable Profits:​​
Wind Resistant up to 250 mph
Bullet, Blast & Highly Impact Resistant
Earthquake Resistant 
Fire Resistant up to 4 hours Water Resistant against Floods
Mold & Fungus Resistant
Termite and Bug Resistant
Green and 5 x more Energy Efficient
Energy Star® qualified
Solar Powered b
The Master License Program has been introduced by Geniusystems International, LLC, enabling outgoing, dependable, hard-working people to invest $50,000 in an exclusive State license and boost their income.

Miami, FL – October 30, 2013 – Geniusystems, a company specializing in disaster proof modular homes and commercial structures, has unveiled its Master Licensing program. Participants can now invest up to $50,000 in disaster proof, luxurious real estate. Licensees can buy a GeniusBox™ Show Home and receive a Genius website for their exclusive territories.

The company will also cut the builder/homeowner a check at closing, covering the first 15 months of mortgage payments as part of its Rental Guarantee Program.

The master licensee can purchase Genius Homes as low as $45.00 per square foot. Participants in the Master Licensing program can sell to homeowners, builders/developers, real estate agents, bankers, investors, and more. By representing the franchises for sale, they can develop connections in one or more industries and expand on their income. In addition, Geniusystems pays them $10 per square foot on top of the markup profits made on each licensees sale.

In taking advantage of each business opportunity, licensees can increase their income by up to 800%, according to the company. The master license opportunities also allow one to get up to $40,000 or more for each GeniuSuperior™ Luxury Modular Home sold. They also have the option of receiving $4,000 per month or 15 months pre-paid rental income.

The real estate master license opportunity, in fact, provides the chance to profit from sales to family business owners, real estate investors, apartment and commercial builders, hotel and motel developers, and even survivalists. One can become an exclusive territory branch manager in their State, for GeniusBox High Performance Homes, expanding on the real estate business opportunity for them.

To earn a Master License, one must have a credit score of 680 or higher and be outgoing, honest, hard-working, and dependable and have a minimum capital of $50,000 for an exclusive State territory. For more information on the GeniusPartners program, go to

About Geniusystems International, LLC

Geniusystems International, LLC specializes in creating energy-efficient, high-performance homes, apartment buildings, and commercial facilities. These structures can also withstand wind, earthquakes, and fire while resisting other common risks such as mold, fungus, and insects. The company also offers entrepreneurial and licensing opportunities so others can sell properties and also profit through a comprehensive master license program.

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