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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Actress Jade Elysan Stars As Lead In Three Feature Films

Upcoming talent launches her career with a strong variety of leading roles

In just two short years, versatile NYC based actress Jade Elysan has taken herself from an unknown talent to landing starring lead roles, in three feature films.  This New Jersey native actress shares the same passion for acting as other celebrities who were born in the state such as Meryl Streep, Zoe Saldana, Kirsten Dunst, Vera Farmiga, and Michael Douglas.  Elysan is making her own name in the entertainment industry as a young talented actress who puts her best in every role that she portrays.

Elysan's first leading role was on the feature film This Time Tomorrow, a Drama/Romance directed by Shane Bissett, which is now available to rent at Vimeo, links to film at Vimeo On Demand, and on DVD. She also stars as a lead in the upcoming feature film Eternal Damn Nation, an Action/Suspense/Horror directed by Alan Del Tufo, which recently signed with WonderPhil Productions for International Sales & Distribution, and Maxim Media International for US & Canada distribution on Netflix, DVD & On-Demand, available soon.  Aside from this, Elysan will star with yet another lead role in the feature film Dark Tarot, a Mystery/Thriller directed by David Landau, which has been presented as a TV Movie to Lifetime & out to several distributors & festivals for 2014. Synopsis's of these films are available at IMDb, links to actress's IMDb profile.

These diverse roles demonstrate Elysan’s acting abilities, effortlessly transforming herself and allowing the characters to come through her performances. They will also serve as a great tool for witnessing how versatile she is as an actress.

View trailers for Elysan's three feature films:

This Time Tomorrow, links to film's trailer

Eternal Damn Nation, links to film's trailer

Dark Tarot, links to film's trailer

Reviews on This Time Tomorrow:

“The two young and talented players, Dave Coleman and Jade Elysan, enter the part effortlessly, forgetting adulthood to return one day for adolescents, and she, in particular, small and bold, impressive for ease of interpretation, ability to seduce and sweetness in her eyes. Certainly we expect to see you in other productions, as soon as possible. Unless, of 21 December, the world really does not end.” -- Alessio Gradogna, Milan

…“a man lost in his life after an incomplete (and brutal) break-up with his girlfriend played by the fantastic Jade Elysan. The fact that they are not-recognizable faces (yet) makes the story credible, as if the director really was there, hiding in the streets filming them. There are classic scenes from romance movies, like the bicycle scene, the beach scene but it never seems formulaic...” -- Frederick R., France

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