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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cigar Myths Exposed by Infographic

Cigar Myths Debunked (or not…)
Common misconceptions and little known truths of Cigars

When a product has been around long enough, there will be some natural stories made up about said product. That is no different for cigars, and now Cigar Inspector has released an infographic to help individuals note false claims that are made by supposed aficionados and charlatans. By noting the myths, one can make sure to ensure the best in quality for their own purchases.

The first myth the infographic points out is that white ash and darker-wrapped cigars are not necessarily better. When it comes to ash, color all depends on the soil the plant was grown in. So while it can tell you something about the product, it certainly does not ensure a better or top-notch cigar necessarily. Meanwhile, the darker wrapped cigars are no more an indication of a cigars strength as anything else.

Another more silly myth that spread regarding cigars is that they are rolled by women between their thighs. The origin of this myth is unknown. While it may be a great story for men to share at poker games or to bemuse friends, there is no truth to it, according to the infographic.

Cigar Inspector's infographic does point to a couple truths that have been debated over the years, including JFK's supposed stockpile of Cuban cigars. Story of the President hoarding a large quantity before the embargo began is, according to historical documents, absolutely true. It was said he had 1,200 H. Upmann Petit Coronas purchased before the embargo began.

Two of the most persistent misnomers regarding cigars is that the Cuban seed is better across the board, while storing cigars in the fridge keeps them fresh. The former myth is simply strong marketing and the concept of “forbidden fruit” while the latter is rendered untrue thanks to science. The refrigerator is too dry for cigars, even those “crisper” drawers for fruits and vegetables.

Finally, the infographic points out that cigars needn’t be warmed before use. The act should actually be avoided, as there is no added flavor or aroma that is heightened by warming the cigar. Second, it can actually ruin the cigar.

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