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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Stone Rowe Brewers New Injury Solicitors Website Live

Injury Solicitors Website Live
Stone Rowe Brewer launches new website aimed at helping the public with all injury related accidents.

StoneRoweBrewer have a proud history of achieving justice for their clients, and this is especially true when it comes to cases where the clients have come to harm through no fault of their own. Personal Injury Solicitors are now on hand to make sure you see justice done and receive adequate compensation to cover your loss of earnings or expenses that might of occurred while you could not work.

Employers have a duty of care to their employees and if that is broken then they must be held responsible, otherwise it might happen again. Soft tissue injuries such as a sprained ankle caused by a trip or fall can affect your ability to work, improper training or lack of equipment when handling heavy items can lead to chronic back injuries that last a lifetime. It is not always easy to find who is at fault in incidents like this, which is why professionals like exist. You claim may even save somebody else the same pain and suffering that you had to go through, highlighting the problems within current safety procedures leading to a change that will benefit all employees or the general public.

There is a time limit on how long after the accident you can claim compensation. So if you were injured within the last three years, then you still have a chance at bringing a successful case against those who are at fault. There are special circumstances for illnesses that appear later in life such as those caused by Asbestos or exposure to radiation. Gathering expert testimony to provide the evidence for your case is done by talking to medical professionals and solicitors who have already won claims like yours. You can even make a claim against a criminal assailant if you have been injured in an assault.

The Injury Solicitor team is an APIL accredited group of six lawyers that specialize in personal injury claim, guiding you through the process for first instance to settlement. The solicitors at StoneRoweBrewer realise that going through this process may be daunting, so they make sure you have the right amount of guidance, support and advice that you need through every step. Also you will be directed towards the right kind of specialist medical care and rehabilitation, and even professionals that will help you put your life back together again.

Go to today to see if you are entitled to compensation and justice.


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