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Monday, July 14, 2014

Adidas will get very good pay back as the processing of Brazil World Cup

July 14, 2014 - China - World Cup could be regarded as the most crucial battle of the famous football players from every country. Furthermore, the world cup is also very crucial competition of these sporting goods maker such as Adidas ( The Adidas official announced on the 24th that the football product sales revenue in 2014 is expected to reach the prediction 2 billion Euros as the stimulating of Brazilian World Cup to football, soccer shoes and jerseys sponsored team.

Adidas CEO Hainer said:”The company revenue of this year in the field of football will definitely reach to the estimated value which is 2.7 billion dollars. This number will again prove our leading position in the consumer market for football equipment.” Adidas official has former expressed that this year’s expected sales number of their soccer jersey will reach to 8,000,000 sets of their sponsorship nine World Cup team, including two million German team jerseys.

As the introduction of editor from World Soccer 2014, the Adidas was started from Sales and manufacturing for football equipments. They occupied the first position of the football ball boots and other equipments industry for very long-term. Since 1970 it arranged the World Cup which could be the official sponsor of the World Cup. However, Adidas sport also has another giant opponent who is Nike from USA.

As the world’s largest sporting goods manufacturer, Nike was originated from the manufacturing of basketball equipments. During the last 20 years, they begun to develop and created their own football brands. Among 32 teams in Brazil’s World Cup, Nike sponsors the host and the Brazilian team and other ten teams. Adidas provide uniforms nine teams which including defending champion Spain, Germany and Argentina.

Currently, people could not clearly predict which team could win the World Cup in Brazil but the sales for the products such as Football Boots sale from famous equipments supplier Adidas and Nike will continue to be done. That is why we say that the World Cup is not only the battlefield of these national teams and players, but also the battlefield of these world class football boots and equipments suppliers.

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