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Monday, July 14, 2014

Fundamental working principle and applying areas of the flexible heating film

July 14, 2014 - China - Flexible heating film is very widely applying in industrial areas and the majority of daily used devices in our daily life. This small heating film has very crucial function despite its small size and subordinate appearance. So, what's the mechanics of this small heating film? Today, the technician from famous China Polyimide heater manufacturer Winsun heater Co., Limited will introduce with people this small film.

The flexible heating film heater is generally made of the polyimide. The surface of the thinning polyimide base will be covered with the copper foil. The outer cooper film will be printed the circuit by the layout printing mode. By applying the voltage to the loop on the surface of the cooper film, the power of the flexible copper circuit board will be easily controlled. Some part of the electrical power will be generated into the heating energy. The heating energy will play the role of thermal effects so as to achieve the purpose of heating to the object.

As the introduction from the technician from China supplier, the working temperature range of the flexible heating film could be ranged from -60 centigrade to 125 centigrade. So, each people should not look down at this small film as this kind of device could be suitable for working in vacuum environment and gas discharge rate of it could be less than 0.1 percent.

This small heating film could also be applied into the outer space as the professional Space Technology certified materials and mass loss rate of the flexible heating film is less than one percent.

As the adversely working environment in the near future, the flexible POLYIMIDE FILM HEATER has very good corrosion resistance for most chemicals substances such as acid, alkali and other. On the other hand, its performance of water proofing and dust proofing is also very excellent.

Since the high working performance of the flexible heating film, this product indeed has many application areas. The information below is the probable application of this product and this is only some parts of its application range.

First, the flexible heating film could be used for heating the medical analysis equipments such as heating sample tray, test tubes, reagent bottles and others. This application range is related to the medical area.

Secondly, it could be applied into heating the crucial components in satellite or spacecraft. This is because the vacuum working ability of this product.

Thirdly, the application of flexible heating film could help to prevent electronic and mechanical equipment of aircraft failure at high altitude with very cold environment (

Fourthly, the heating film could keep the temperature stable of these optoelectronic components and let the card readers or liquid crystal display LCD be normally used in cold environments.

In addition to above applying areas, this device could also be applied into many other areas. If people want to know more information about this small but high performance product, please get contact with Winsun heater Co., Limited by the following information.

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