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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Grab and Go Camera Mounting Makes Getting Great Shots Effortless

July 15, 2014. Copenhagen, Denmark - That perfect shot is waiting for you – if only there was a way to secure your camera. GoPro camera fans get ready to mount your camera on a tree, skateboard or a slippery railing by the beach.

Grab your camera secure it in seconds – or shift spots effortlessly anywhere, anytime. The Strapmount can be secured in seconds on both slippery and curved surfaces. With a soft rubber base holding it snug, this little camera mount helps you to deliver truly epic shots.

The tough yet versatile Strapmount is the mounting solution for hard to stabilize shots using your GoPro camera. The mount is secured using a standard zip-tie so it’s easy to remove and reuse. The ziptie can simply be threaded through the mount, allowing you to mount your camera anywhere that it is possible to mount a ziptie. A laser cut soft rubber base improving the contact area providing the mount with a stronger and more secure grip. There are no annoying screws to slow down the action. Setting up the mount takes seconds. Two reusable zipties come standard in any Strapmount package.

Once the mount is up, just slide your GoPro camera into the mount. It has never been easier or faster to attach and remove a camera for a professional looking shot. As the designers explain on their Strapmount Indiegogo crowd funding site, “We found that having to screw the camera on and off was too long a process. With the Strapmount you can simply just slide in the camera, and you are ready to go.” So as awesome as this it – it gets better!

With their new campaign launched you can take advantage of fantastic perks at very low price points.  For one dollar you’re in the game (you can’t even get a coffee for that). The designers just want to help you get your hands on this incredibly practical little helper fast. For $14 dollars you get extra reusable zipties – but only during the campaign’s limited time. Just $23 gets you a Strapmount of your own, or ‘double down’ and get two for $32 dollars (international shipping is included). Lose your ziptie? No worries, just go to the local hardware store and get more. 

Even if you can’t donate right now, just spread the word. Take a few seconds to share the links below with pro and recreational photographers in your networks around the globe. Check out the site for all the details and pictures that capture the Strapmount’s unique design and portability.

Strapmount Indiegogo crowd funding site

Strapmount Facebook


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