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Monday, July 14, 2014

New York Company Expands Its Services To Small Businesses

The two things that work to get your site to page one of the search engines is.... good content and good backlinks.

The Web Marketing Professional, a reputable SEO Services Company based in New York have recently announced the expansion of their SEO services to small business, the aim of the company is to provide high quality Search Engine Optimization services  which do not compromise on the quality and effectiveness for the low prices they are offering. The experts at The Web Marketing Professionals wish that small business owners are able to take the reins of their SEO activities and dedicate time towards actions that improve the ranking of their website.

The web specialists at the company debunk the claim that inexpensive SEO is always ineffective or unfruitful. They maintain that even though many ways and approaches of Cheap SEO may fail, the right mix of SEO techniques are beneficial in the long run and will undoubtedly provide results web site owners are after. They explain (

“The two things that work to get your site to page one of the search engines is.... good content and good backlinks.”

The recent Humming bird Google update has rendered many old SEO approaches ineffective which may have caused a few confusions for all the website owners who did their own website optimization. The update means that web site owners and online marketers would have to change their old ways and do things a little differently. The Web Marketing Professional web specialist Kelly points out:

“Especially after the Hummingbird update, you don't even need to have more links than your competitor which is what was fueling most of the reasoning behind these link-bots. It made sense to try and get 100K links that all mentioned your anchor text in the past, but not anymore. That was so 2011.”

To help small business owners out who have been thrown back by the current Google updates or just wish to hand over the search engine optimization activities to an expert so that they can focus on their business will now be able to hire an affordable web specialist from The Web Marketing Professional. Known for their high quality search engine optimization the company has been in service for over 10 years during which many large businesses have enlisted their help for better website ranking. The company now offers cheap web marketing services for competitive prices and guaranteed SEO results.

About The Web Marketing Professional:

The Web Marketing Professional is a New York based SEO specialist Company which provides personalized and professional SEO services to both large and small businesses.

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