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Monday, July 14, 2014

All unique features of Full-Lined ceramic ball valve from Fuboon

July 15, 2014 - China - Ceramic valves such as Zirconia ceramics components from famous ceramic products supplier Fuboon use structural ceramic materials with excellent properties which let it has more featured advantages than plain metal, plastic material valve and other traditional valve products. Today, in order to help each client know more about their ceramic valve products, the engineer from Fuboon will tell people all strong features of their Full-Lined ceramic ball valve.

First, the corrosion-resistant alumina ceramic structure of the ceramic valve owns highly chemically inert so that it will not have related chemical reaction with many kinds of organic and inorganic. For most of the acid and base chemical material, the physical and structural property of the ceramic alumina is very stable and it could be used for very long period of time.

Secondly, the ceramic material of the Metallized Ceramics for Vacuum interrupters has very huge wear resistance and its hardness rate is 140% higher than that of the daily ceramics and 730% higher than the hardness of stainless steel. In general, the hardness of the ceramic material for the valve could reach to HRA88 and only lower than diamond, silicon nitride and silicon carbide. This feature also determines that the ceramic valves have very good wear resistance than other sorts of traditional valve products.

Thirdly, the engineer from Fuboon said that there are also many different kinds of spools for the Full-Lined ceramic ball valve which could be applied by their consumers. Each specification of ceramic ball valve all has the V-type regulation and O-type spool which could help each consumer accurately adjust the flowing volume of the medium ( Meanwhile, the use of the wear reinforcement spool could also totally reduce the wear and tear to the flow passage.

In a word, the reasonable designation and the reasonable properties of high quality ceramic material determine that the ceramic ball valve has higher working efficiency and longer service life than the traditional valve products. For these clients who need to high quality products with high resistance to variously environmental conditions, the high level Full-Lined ceramic ball valve from Fuboon should be their best choice.

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