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Monday, July 14, 2014

Messi’s exclusive birthday football boots help him get four goals in Brazil World Cup

July 14, 2014 - UK - Each Messi fans should know about that June 24 is Argentina's “King” Messi’s 27th birthday so Adidas specifically send him with a special birthday present which is one pair of Messi’s exclusive birthday special edition football boots. It is reported that this birthday edition had been produced a total of 27 pairs which number is the symbol of Messi’s 27th birthday day.

However, compared to bright colors of other players, the appearance and shape of this shoe has been criticized for long period of time and most of players called this shoe the name of cow ( This is because Adidas do not choose the popular bright fluorescent colors to replace their traditional black, white and gold color in World Cup. The matching of black and white color let this cheap football shoes look like the cow. No matter what kind of situations, the black and white colors could be regarded as the most classical color of Adidas football shoe.

The World Cup is the biggest stage for each country’s football sport strength. The contrast of the Win or go home could be the same with the contrast between the black and white. So, if people see the player who wear the black and white shoe on the playing ground, this player must be the signing player of Adidas as only Adidas has the black and white color shoe.

However, as the football king in the world football area, Messi’s football boots of course has some differences with other traditional Adidas cheap football boots. As the introduction of editor from famous Sports Kicks UK online seller sports kicks, in addition to black, white and gold color, the Messi’s shoe has been also added the representative color of Argentina which is the blue color.

Thus, although this new Messi shoe do not has enough cool appearance, this shoe already help Messi scored four goals and all of these four goals are the decisive key goals so that each football fans could find that this unobvious shoe could be regarded as a pair of powerful boots.

In addition to this special birthday football shoe for Messi, there are also many other colorful foot boots that have been wore by all of these world famous football super stars. If people have such interesting about purchasing one pair of the same version adidas predator LZ like the genuine one on the feet of these super stars, please do not hesitate to get contact with famous online store Sports Kicks.

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