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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The strong points of stamping steel plate make it become the main steel products worldwide

December 23, 2013-China-Currently, there are 60% to 70% Steel products are the stamping steel plate which we also call it the metal precision stampings and sheeting. People could find their trace at anywhere of their life. The car body, metal chassis, fuel tank, radiator, boiler drum, container outer housing, electronics’ silicon steel core and others are all produced by the technology of precision stamping processing. In addition to above area, the trace of these precision stamping products could also be found in instrumentation, home appliances, bicycles, office machinery, utensils and other products in people’s daily life.

Since the metal stamping products are very commonly in people’s life, what are features and characters of this kind of products? Today, the engineer for FUTONG metal ( ) which is China leading procession metal sheeting and stamping products manufacturer will let you know this information.

Compared with the castings and forgings, the stamping and sheeting has the advantages of thin, uniform, light weight and strong. The workmanship punching and stamping could help people produce the workpiece which contains ribs and undulating and high rigidity. As the result using the precision molds, the precision of the stamping parts could reach up to micron level and the high repeatedly accuracy and consistency specifications.

According to the daily manufacturer of FUTONG, their stamping workmanship could be PRECISION FABRICATION divided into the cold stamping and heating stamping. The workpieces which passed the cold stamping workmanship will generally no longer need the cutting process or need only a small amount of cutting. Hot stamping just like the cold stamping but the accuracy and surface state should be lower than the cold stamping. However, it is still better than casting and forgings.

The engineer from FUTONG Metal said that the stamping should be the highly efficient production technique which applies the composite modulus that could help factory finishes a series of stamping processes on one pressing machine. It could implement the full automated production process from strip uncoiling, stamping to forming and finishing. High production efficiency, good working conditions, low production costs, hundreds producing volume per minute should be the main features of the stamping workmanship.

In a word, the precision stamping is the most effective producing method for civil stamping products such as the computer cabinet and the outer shell of the smart phone in people’s hand. Without this basically products, our life will become in convenience than today. If people want to know other information about the metal stamping and sheeting products, please carefully visit website


FUTONG has devoted into the industry of precision metal fabrication for more Fabricating Sheet Metal Stamping"> than 20 years. As a skilled manufacturer in sheet metal fabrication industry, we specialized in a wide range of sheet metal forming process, such as metal stamping, deep drawing, bending process, metal shaping, welding, assembly etc., and we specialized in a large of metal products, such as metal enclosure, metal cabinet, network cabinet, control panel, distribution box, tool box, metal rack, metal frame etc.

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