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Monday, December 30, 2013

Rachel Gilmore Guides Clients to Successful Weight Loss with New Year Resolutions

With 2014 approaching quickly, many individuals are setting their sights on the goals they are hoping to achieve during the New Year. Rachel Gilmore, a health and wellness professional, knows that weight loss, improved fitness, and increased income are at the top of many of these resolutions. As a health and wellness coach, personal trainer, and Isagenix representative, Gilmore is leading her clients to these goals and invites interested individuals to contact her with regard to how she can assist them in keeping their resolutions throughout 2014.

“Resolutions are difficult, because they can entail a lot of change at one time,” Gilmore explains. “This can be hard for people to keep up with on their own, which is why many of my clients have turned to me. I have the ability to assist them in reaching their goals and making key lifestyle changes through one-on-one coaching. This is invaluable to many of my clients, who might not have the motivation and resources necessary to reach their goals on their own.”

For Gilmore, increased health and wealth can be achieved together—and through the same avenues. She works with her clients in one-on-one personal training sessions, group boot camps, and other training environments to help them strengthen their bodies and lose excess fat. But she also coaches them regarding their dietary habits, as nutrition is one of the key components of a well-rounded weight loss and fitness strategy.

“As a personal trainer and health and wellness coach, I have learned what the body needs in order to really thrive,” Gilmore explains. “Nutrition is imperative, and it’s important that my clients have access to foods that will lead them to their goals without totally disrupting their schedules. This is why I chose to work with Isagenix.”

Gilmore goes on to explain that the Isagenix brand offers convenient and affordable dietary solutions that are easy to integrate into one’s current lifestyle. In fact, with IsaLean shakes and other simple meal options, the Isagenix products that Gilmore recommends to her clients can actually make the meal planning and preparation process easier.

“I want to help my clients improve all aspects of their lives, and with the New Year coming up I would love to assist new clients in making and then keeping their resolutions,” Gilmore asserts. She is able to do so through fitness classes that are targeted at the concerns of individuals, allowing her to create workout regimens that address the personal needs of each client.

The role that Isagenix plays in her work, as well as in the success of her clientele, is just as important. While her fitness coaching allows Gilmore to guide her clients toward stronger, leaner bodies, Isagenix provides the nutrition that they need to maintain optimal health and function. Additionally, it is a wonderful way for her clients to bring in extra income.

“Ultimately, improved health and wealth are the goals of most of my clients,” Gilmore states. “Isagenix allows me to introduce them to a product line that will both enhance their nutrition and provide a channel through which they can make additional income by becoming distributors, like me. We work together to build one another’s businesses while increasing our own fitness levels. It’s an extremely supportive community that I am proud to be a part of—and that I love to share.”

Gilmore encourages anyone who is interested in losing weight or making more money in 2014 to contact her. Through her coaching, Gilmore can help clients achieve these goals and keep their New Year resolutions.   

Individuals who are interested in learning more about how Gilmore can help them achieve their fitness and financial goals in 2014 are invited to call (704) 819-3054 or email Additionally, individuals can learn more at


Rachel Gilmore is a health and wellness coach and personal trainer who concentrates on assisting her clients in achieving a well-rounded state of wellbeing. A representative of Isagenix, Gilmore encourages the company's products along with the Paleo Diet, as the benefits provided by these two dietary resources help individuals to reach their health and wellness goals. In addition to exercise and nutrition, Gilmore coaches her clients regarding stress management, proper sleep, and other key factors that contribute to a balanced, positive lifestyle.   

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