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Monday, December 30, 2013

Dating Tips on AnastasiaDate from Antonio Sabato, Jr. Boosts Hits on the Portal

Dating advice from Antonio Sabato, Jr. on AnastasiaDate has men flocking to the portal for some compelling insider tips.

Antonio Sabato, Jr. the Chief Romance Officer and celebrity wingman for AnastasiaDate, the premier international online dating portal, is creating a major buzz with his blog posts. Men looking for love online are flocking to the site for some great tips, which promise to change their dating experience in a big way. Titled ‘Tips from a Celebrity Wingman,’ the blog offers men some truly compelling advice on how to swing things their way during encounters with ladies they meet.

“I've been dating both Hollywood women and beautiful ladies around the world for years, so I knew if I was given a chance, I could really help out,” says Antonio Sabato, Jr. who has dated stunning Hollywood beauties of the likes of Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Madonna. “I have been discussing various tips and techniques for taking flirting to the next level. But it is equally important to understand the order in which to use these techniques.”

Romantic gentlemen who have been following these tips closely and very faithfully have expressed their gratitude to AnastasiaDate for having this celebrity dater onboard. They simply love the amazing blueprint for flirting, which Antonio Sabato, Jr. keeps sharing with them at a regular pace through his blogs, which promise to make interactions with women more fun and friendly.

In his most recent blog post, the 41-year-old former model, soap star and celebrity playboy says that the tips and techniques he shares are most likely to help men take their interactions and relationships to newer levels of fun and of course, intimacy. According to Antonio Sabato, Jr., assertive greeting is a key part of the early interactions followed by fun banter, which sends the message across to the lady that they are fun to spend time with.

Picking a detail about the lady and expanding on it, and making an emotional connection and telling a personal story are steps which form part of the dating process to win her trust and confidence. Antonio Sabato, Jr. insists on following these steps in the order suggested to cut down risks and steer a gentleman’s love life in the right direction.

Not surprisingly, romantic men and ladies are eagerly awaiting the next blog from the knowledgeable ladies’ man, so that they can use his advice to add more excitement to their dating experience.

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