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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Launch Alert-SOS Rescue Tools launches 5 in 1 Auto Glass Breaker Car Safety Tool Kit

SOS Rescue Tools' 5 in 1 Auto Safety Tool with 2 Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets
Launch Alert-SOS Rescue Tools launches 5 in 1 Auto Glass Breaker Car Safety Tool Kit. Includes 2 Emergency Blankets

Palm Springs, CA – SOS Rescue Tools, a global provider of Auto Safety Products, is pleased to announce the launch of their new 5 in 1 Auto Safety Tool which includes an auto glass breaker, an LED flashlight, a seatbelt cutter and emergency flashing beacon. The product also comes with a magnetic base allowing for hands free use. It also comes with two of their bestselling emergency blankets. SOS Rescue Tools newest in a line of survival gear is available exclusively on

“This product, the 5 in 1 Auto Safety Tool, is the most exciting addition to our line to date. With the population growing, and a seeming increase in natural disasters, it’s more important than ever to protect you and your family from events that put us in harm’s way every day” said William Douglas, SOS Rescue Tools Executive. “Our goal is to provide many options for people to protect themselves in disastrous situations.

So many people end up injured or dead every year simply because they were unprepared. With SOS, it’s easy to prepare. And with every product we introduce, it will be easier and easier. Our mission is to bring the best survival gear available to consumers at prices that make sense.”

Auto emergency tools are growing in popularity as powerful stories make the news on a seemingly daily basis. Lately, both Katie Couric and Diane Sawyer have had feature stories on the importants of such devices. Lives have been saved. And, as the auto safety space grows, SOS Rescue Tools finds itself at the forefront of the industry with cutting edge designs and superior functionality.

About The 5 in 1 Auto Safety Tool by SOS Rescue Tools

The design of the SOS Auto Safety Tool is unique to most auto glass breakers in that it is designed to function in emergencies as well as having practical uses. It makes sense that one would want a tool with a flashlight, beacon and hands free magnetic base outside of being able to escape in emergencies. Below are some of the ways in which SOS’ 5 in 1 Auto Safety Tool can help you:

  • Auto Glass Breaker - Safely and Easily Break Windows in Emergency Situations. The tools is designed to be head heavy in order to make this function easy for anyone.
  • Seatbelt Cutter Razor Blade - Quickly and Easily Cut Through Seatbelts for Fast Escape. This will cut through seatbelts in a fraction of a second.
  • Emergency Beacon with Powerful Magnetic Base - Red Light Flashing Beacon Flashes up to 96 Hours - Flashlight LED - Energy Saving LED Flashlight Shines Bright For 48 Hours
  • Includes 2 FREE Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets - Use to Reduce Chance of Hypothermia or Use to Retain 90% of Body Heat. These are a great add on by SOS. The should be standard in any survival kit.

SOS Rescue Tools was founded in early 2013 and is headquartered in Palm Springs, CA. The company is focused on providing top quality Auto Safety Tools at prices that make sense.

SOS Rescue Tools’ Window Breaker Keychain is currently available exclusively on

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