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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Let talented artist from Maple Painting Face tell people the advantages and disadvantages of their canvas printing

December 31, 2013-China-With the development of printing technology, the canvas printing has entered into the house of more and more people. The canvas printing has big difference with the traditional handmade oil painting reproduction. Recently, the professional artist from famous canvas printing supplier ( will teach people the advantages and disadvantages of the canvas printing.


The image on the canvas printing is cleaner than the traditional handmade oil painting flat. The flat effect and the coloring effect of the canvas prints should be much better than that of the traditional oil painting and there is no strange taste because of the special printing technology.

In addition to the above point, the canvas printing also has the advantages of short making time. It would be needless to say that the making process of the printing canvas is very easily and shortly. No matter how complex the original oil painting would be, the production time for them only take few minutes as long as the operation of inkjet printers. After few minutes, the beautiful oil painting printing could be shown in front of people.

The thirdly advantage of the canvas prints wholesale should be the low production cost. The price of one piece of printing oil painting is much lower than that of the traditional handmade oil painting. It can be said that one piece of canvas and a little amount of printed watercolor can help people produce the complex oil painting with low cost. That should be the main reason why most of people begin to purchase the cheap printing canvas. In order to avoid the wicked business in this area, consumers had better to choose


However, there are also many disadvantages of the printing canvas. The artist from maplepaintingface said that the screen of the canvas printing is very simply without the sense of hierarchy. This shortcoming is very deathful for the final effect of the printed oil painting. However, it proved that the effect from machine could never substitute the handmade.

The other big problem of the printed canvas should be its saving time. From the normal experience, the saving time of the canvas printing is very short and it would be easy to fade. In general, the save time of the normal printed canvas is not more than two years. On the other hand, the aging process of the canvas is also a little bit quickly.

However, whether it is the handmade oil painting or the printing canvas, either of them has their own features and advantages. People could purchase them depending on their own demand.

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