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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The development of China’s E-business causes great influence with the metal fabrication industry

December 31, 2013-China-Whit the rising of the power of the network, the development of e-commerce forms a serious impact with the traditional metal fabrication industry. In recent years, more and more metal fabrication manufacturers begin to get involved in e-commerce. FUTONG Metal which is the best manufacturer for metal enclosure, metal cabinet, network cabinet, control panel, distribution box and others should be the good example in this area.

Metal Fabrication relates to each detail into people’s life such as the frame of cars, the network server cabinet, the outer frame of daily home appliances and others. With the rapid development of the world economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the market environment is facing with huge changes. The consuming demand of main consumers to products has becoming increasingly personalized and diversification. Today’s people have highly requirements of varied products species, fast updating speed, high quality, easily operation, reasonable price, good appearance, high degree of automation and better after-sales service. In this kind of situation, the business of metal fabrication such as FUTONG Metal must adopt advanced metal processing technology and develop the new business platform.

With more than 20 years’ development and extension in the metal fabrication industry, the FUTONG Metal could precision metal sheeting produce all kinds of metal products and be renowned in this industry. Recently, with the big covered area of ??electronic commerce, FUTONG begin to largely promote their business in the online space. Mr. Wang who is the sales manager of FUTONG Metal said that the development of metal processing industry should be the foundation of the national economy, which reflects countries’ level of science and technology and the development of social productivity. Metal fabrication technology is not only the measurement of the level of national science and technology development but also the focus of the international technological competition. So, the market occupation for online business is very necessary for metal fabrication industry in China.

Mr. Wang also said that the e-commerce must be the inevitable advances and developmental trend of modern economic development. From the former experience of FUTONG Metal, the development of e-commerce increased their trading opportunities, reduce transaction costs, improve transaction efficiency, simplify the transaction process, change trading patterns and also cause into the economic changing. From the currently situation of China's traditional industries and businesses, the E-business is an important force for the future development of these industry. As China's most typical and traditional industries, the metal fabrication will start with their new development trend with the boosting of e-commerce.

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FUTONG has devoted into the industry of precision metal fabrication for more metal cabinet than 20 years. As a skilled manufacturer in sheet metal fabrication industry, we specialized in a wide range of sheet metal forming process, such as metal stamping, deep drawing, bending process, metal shaping, welding, assembly etc., and we specialized in a large of metal products, such as metal enclosure, metal cabinet, network cabinet, control panel, distribution box, tool box, metal rack, metal frame etc.

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