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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rapid Detox Now Being Performed by Board Certified Physicians

Board Certified Doctors, Julia Aharonov & Joseph George
Growing in popularity over the last 10 years, rapid detox programs have proven their effectiveness and have helped tens of thousands of patients. A clinic in Michigan is the first to have Board Certified physicians perform the procedure.

July 8, 2014 (Detroit, MI) - Rapid opioid detox programs started appearing around the country just over a decade ago. While many questioned the safety and effectiveness of the methods, it has successfully treated opiate addiction in hundreds of thousands of patients.

When detoxing from an opiate addiction, a drug addict often has to endure two to 10 days of abdominal pain, tremors, vomiting and severe muscle aches that comes with drug withdrawal. Rapid detox can get a patient through drug withdrawal in a mere 48 hours.

The appeal behind putting someone into such an intense state of detox lies within the anesthesia and sedation during the process. The patient feels far less pain and discomfort due to the anesthesia, and awakens only after the most physically uncomfortable part of addiction recovery has ended. Many people have been able to overcome addictions to opiates, including heroin, morphine and methadone, as well as opiate prescription painkillers such as OxyContin, Percocet and Vicodin.

While it is what attracts patients to the process, skeptics have rebuffed the notion of rapid detox due to the risks of being under anesthesia for the procedure. One clinic, MDS Drug Detox in Southfield, MI, has answered the questions surrounding its safety by opening the only rapid detox center in the United States founded and operated by Board-Certified physicians. The protocol is performed in an intensive care-like setting by an experienced, board-certified anesthesiologist and a board-certified addictionologist.

During the detox, doctors use medication to break the opiate bond in the brain and allow the body time to recover from the chemical addiction without the patient having to endure the physical pain involved in doing so. Once the patient is taken off sedation, the detox is complete and they are kept nearby for observation. MDS is the only rapid detox facility that offers unlimited aftercare by Dr. Joseph George MD, who is one of the treating physicians during the detox.

Critics of this method also point to the chances of relapse when a patient hasn’t had physiological treatment like they would receive in traditional rehab clinics. But thanks to modern medicine and a drug called Naltrexone, patients can return home for further care and take medicine that blocks opiates from the brain, and therefore rids the patient of the physical cravings.

MDS Drug Detox offers three ways of administering Naltrexone. The first is by taking it daily in pill form for several months. For those who have trouble remembering to take medication consistently, they recommend one of two other methods. One is a Naltrexone pellet implant that is surgically placed under the skin and delivers the drug over a period of two months. The other option is a once-monthly slow release injection, which was approved by the FDA in 2010.

The rapid detox and Naltrexone are seeing impressive success rates and have helped treat tens of thousands of people over the last decade. With the existence of a clinic like MDS Drug Detox and its Board-Certified physicians caring for addicts looking for help, the rapid detox method is proving to be a safe and effective way to treat addiction in the United States.  For more information about MDS Drug Detox, please visit


MDS Drug Detox is located just outside of Detroit in Smithfield, MI. They have designed and built their new rapid drug detox center to the highest standards of modern medicine, safety, and confidentiality. It I fully equipped and staffed for the utmost in medical care during the detox treatment, and Dr. George and his staff monitor patients in the center and also wherever they are staying after discharge.

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