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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Elite Tech Engineering Explains Why It Makes Sense To Use Software To Redesign Products And Lower Costs

Cost reduction is often possible while retaining a part's desirable existing functions and characteristics by changing its material or by the redesign of the component.

SHUN LI, SINGAPORE. July 8, 2014. A team of designers and technicians usually handle the redesign of an OEM part. They work with the customer or consider market requirements or research if they are introducing a part based on an original design. One very efficient way to redesign for cost is to use online cost estimation programs along with the businesses CAD programs and other tools. These software programs can then be used after project teams finish their work on the preliminary designs. Once finished, they can then estimate the cost of each component using the cost estimation application to help with the process.

Elite Tech Engineering has the expanded capabilities of providing 3d Cad Services, and have earned a reputation as the place to go for: CAD Outsourcing Services, CAD Drafting Services, (OEM) Equivalent Replacement (Mechanical Parts), Replacement of Parts Services, and innovative mechanical engineering services, among many other specialized services offered. According to a company spokesperson, the use of software enables users to go over the process in detail, and they can note any changes that can be made to reduce costs and/or improve the product. Improvements can be implemented that will mean a substantial savings in costs.

As new designs are considered, the software can show how each different design impacts the production costs. Since the online cost estimating software gives live cost comparisons, one can see the effect of different materials on the total cost of the part. Different materials can be virtually tried on like a glove that can lower the cost per part and result in a percentage of cost savings that can be verified immediately.

This is one industrial design firm that can work with existing drawings furnished by the client, or they can generate new drawings through their CAD drafting services. Prototype Drawings bring life to the client’s designs. Very often, and old part can be updated and improved delivering increased performance, and with it more efficient production capabilities.

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