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Friday, July 11, 2014

Why Do LED Lights Provide Excellent Lighting Solutions for Hotels?

Innovative and energy effective, LED lighting can be an excellent choice for hotels and resorts.

Nowadays, with the increasingly high demand of lights in hotel projects, it is beneficial and rewarding to take LED lights for long-term use. With no doubt, hotel is one of those industries that consume a lot of electricity on lighting system. Supplying power more than eight hours a day costs a fortune on electricity and also does harm to the environment. Luckily, the emergence of LEDs such as LED down lights and LED ceiling lights has brought a new hope for hotels.

LED lighting is the new generation of lighting fixtures used in buildings and other indoor spaces. Compared with incandescent lights, LEDs are more luminous, energy-efficient, long-lasting and thus cost-effective, so it is safe to say that they are the best choice for hotels. Experts indicate that LED interior lighting is going to have a huge breakout in hotel industry.

Hotels are the new users of LEDs. People in the industry believe that hotels can go fast and far on LED lights because they have to keep their lighting systems on for 24 hours, and much energy will be saved if LEDs are used as the light source.

Different places like lobbies, function halls, restaurants or guest rooms have different requirements for lights, for some places need to be luxury while some others have to be warm and sweet. So the design of lighting system is vital, and more alternatives are provided. According to experts, with the high acceptance of LED lights and new consumer habits, LEDs will be the only option for hotels. How big the market is can’t be estimated yet, but it’s quite sure that hotels have become the new profit growth for LED enterprises.

It means a lot that hotels are using more LED items. The usage pattern of lobbies and function halls in hotels is more like that of office buildings or shopping malls, while the usage pattern of hotel rooms is more like that of households. So it’s not difficult to find out that a hotel lighting system is just a miniature of the whole LED business. Therefore, getting involved in hotel business is very important for LED enterprises.

It is a trend at present that hotel projects are slowly combining with LED lights. The two can help each other in improving themselves and then become more competitive in their own industries.

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