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Monday, July 14, 2014

Finesse Required for Google+ Success, Says Grammar Chic, Inc.

Grammar Chic, Inc. shares some secrets for boosting brand engagement on Google+.

There was a time when many social media users—as well as marketing professionals—were poised to declare Google+ dead; The New York Times famously referred to it as a ghost town. This is not true, strictly speaking, as statistics from Forrester Research make clear: Not only does Google+ command an ever-growing population of users, but it facilitates more brand engagement than Twitter, trailing only Facebook in this regard. The question for small businesses is, how can they tap into this surprisingly effective social channel to boost engagement with their own brand? Grammar Chic, Inc. responds to this question in a new statement to the press.

“There are many reasons why companies should take Google+ seriously,” comments Grammar Chic, Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer, Amanda Clark. “In addition to brand engagement, there are also some invaluable search engine implications. Ultimately, a consistent and strategic presence on Google+ can significantly boost a brand’s online visibility.”

As for how exactly this is accomplished, Clark notes that engagement is a two-way street. “The brands that tend to get the most engagement are the ones that take the time to engage their own followers,” she says. “Setting aside a few minutes each day or even each week to actively share and +1 posts, or to comment on posts from your followers, can in turn generate more engagement with your own branded content.”

Clark also suggests using a company blog and Google+ page in tandem. “You can share blog posts on Google+, sending more traffic to them, but you can also do the inverse,” she notes. “On blog posts, encourage readers to leave their feedback or to address a particular issue or topic over on Google+.”

Even timing is an important consideration. “Many small business owners only have time to post to social media channels early in the morning, on the weekends, or in the evening—but then they miss peak traffic,” Clark remarks. “Posting when people are actually watching is important, especially on Google+. Investing in an automated publisher, like HootSuite, may be the best solution here.”

Clark concludes by noting that the Grammar Chic, Inc. team uses Google+ for its own brand as well as for client brands—and recently blogged about the benefits of a Google+ presence.

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