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Monday, July 14, 2014

LED tunnel lights should be the suitable choice for the lighting situation of tunnel

July 14, 2014 - China - With the development of the LED technology, the related LED lighting products already penetrate into many areas of our daily life. During recent years, the LED lighting technology accelerate the creation of the LED tunnel light which has many stronger advantages than other traditional tunnel lighting products. Today, the professional engineer from famous China led lighting products manufacturer Shenzhen Green Light New Energy Co., Ltd will introduce with people why the led stadium light has such advantages.

Unlike other ordinary road lighting products, the tunnel lighting products such as newly LED tunnel light has its obvious particularity features and advantages. Its designation concept on peace driving in tunnel should be particularly important point.

In the design of tunnel lighting plan, the designer needs to consider people’s eye adaption to light and dark environment. In order to meet with the drivers eyes’ compliance requests, the tunnel entrance need to be built the light and dark lighting to ensure a certain vision request of the driver.

The section of the tunnel is one period of blocked space where the natural light cannot shine into these spaces. In order to ensure the driving vehicular connectivity and save human life, even in daylight the interior space of the tunnel also needs artificial lighting. Frankly speaking, the tunnel lighting is an integral part of wholly tunnel project.

As the basis of clear vision and intermediate vision theory and the relationship between the color and illumination, led tunnel light applying in the tunnel has many inherent advantages so there have been a number of important domestic tunnel lighting project which using the LED tunnel lights. Although LED tunnel lighting has many advantages, there are still many problems. For example, there is no LED light source specifically for tunnel lighting design and construction standards.

There are also many other challenges for the LED tunnel lights such as the automobile exhaust, outside noise, vibration, pure air, corrosive gases, moisture and other harsh conditions which will constitutes the particularity of tunnel lighting environment. As the special features of the high quality LED tunnel lights, this sort of lighting products will be the most suitable choice for the tunnel lighting.

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