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Friday, July 4, 2014

Experienced Internet Marketer Releases New Video Exposing The Truths About The Keyword Advantage Tool

Keyword Advantage Review - Google recently announced that author photos would be done away from Google research results. Up to now, if you have verified your authorship through Google Plus, you may see your author photo displayed in the search results of Google. Google has planned to do away with this system and leave only the author name in the search results sans the photo. Why did Google decide to drop author photos from their search results? Read on to find out. By visiting - Keyword Advantage Review one can gain more information on the sofware.

John Mueller of Google said during an announcement on June 29th that they are planning to clean up the visual design of search results. They also plan to create a better mobile experience and a much more consistent design across the many devices. This make sense as a photo will take a lot of space on a small screen. Google is enhancing its user experience since mobiles are catching up fast as the next generation of search devices. Mobiles and tablets will soon overtake the desktop and laptop computers as internet browsing devices. More information may be seen by visiting - Keyword Advantage Review fanpage.

On the other hand, most webmasters are confused because of the latest move of Google. They were enjoying the benefits of displaying author photos with their content on the search results page. Most webmasters believed that it actually helped to increase their click-through rates. Also, Google was moving in the direction of providing a more visual experience to its users. But Google argues that there would not be any real time changes to the click-through rate due to their latest move. Critics argue that there would be more Google ads visible on the top of the page after the new rule come into effect. One may choose to visit - Keyword Advantage Review to watch a video for more insights.

All in all, it is too early to predict doom and gloom as the rule is still to be enforced fully. The best thing is to wait and see.

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