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Saturday, June 14, 2014

New Web Portal Launched To Help Car Buyers From Canada Have A More Enjoyable Car Buying Experience - Introduces A New Paradigm In Car Buying

Already THE place to go for Car Buyers in Canada, the new and improved site features several free tools to make online car buying even easier.

KELOWNA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, June 11, 2014 - Anybody that has ever gone car shopping knows that it can be a frustrating and exasperating experience. All that has changed with the launch of the new and improved, already a dominant force in online car buying. The updated site features several new free tools to help car buyers make better informed choices. It doesn’t matter if the quest is for a new car or a pre-owned vehicle; the best deals are promised on this Car Buyer’s Web Portal. has ushered in a new era in Canadian Vehicle Buying. This is a platform where Canada’s leading new car dealers can post their bottom line prices. This means that Canadian Car Shoppers don’t have to worry about having to battle with the salesman to get the best discount. It is transparency personified. Car buying should be fun, and the car shopper should not have to worry about facing the salesperson to engage in negotiating the best price. Since the site highlights the certified used car dealers and also ranks the used vehicles based on quality (as opposed to only price), the usual trepidation associated with buying a used car can be avoided.

The company reports that the site incorporates all of the shopping tools that a savvy shopper needs to make an informed decision. has all the rebates and finance incentives published and updated continually so that customers can see every potential dollar saving. The Canadian Auto Dealers Association confirms that 87% of Canadians finance some or all of their car purchase, and so the New Car Sell Off site has been created with this in mind. In fact, it is the first automotive web portal to quote estimated bi-weekly payments. This allows shoppers to accurately assess whether the vehicle fits their budget. The shopper can also search by payment only, introducing them to a wide array of vehicles within their budget that they had perhaps never anticipated. boasts revolutionary car buying innovations such as: in-depth research of their Top 100 Searched Vehicles, over 650 Expert Car Reviews, dealer reviews from a range of trusted sources, videos and the ability to build and price the exact vehicle being searched for. Perhaps their most exciting feature is the one which gives shoppers the chance to compare up to 4 vehicles at the same time. With over 40,000 vehicles and 240 dealers who use the site, New Car Sell Off has quickly become the place where the savvy new or pre-owned car buyer shops.

Site traffic has been increasing at a steady rate, and they have created quite a buzz on the Car Buying Forums and Blogs. Customer Testimonials are pouring in confirming very positive experiences. Take a look at what Chris Roworth of Kelowna, BC had to say: "NCSO site rocks and is the best place to find your ride... period! Love the concept and it is about time, with a few clicks you can do the the same thing in seconds that would otherwise take you days to find. Dealers take note... if you are not advertising on their website, you are missing out big time!"

For complete information, please visit: Car Buying Made Easy -

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