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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Ghost-Hunting Series, Prettiest Paranormal, Stars Five Former Celebrity Models

Los Angeles, CA June 25, 2014. A mesmerizing new reality series is coming soon to the Internet: Prettiest Paranormal; an unconventional take on the conventional ghost-hunting phenomenon where the paranormal investigators on the show are former Playboy Playmates*.  The five models will attempt to communicate with spirits of the dead, showing their genuine emotions, fear and fun, while revealing the unexpected things they find.  The stars of the show are Irina Voronina, Pilar Lastra, Heather Rene Smith, Angel Boris, and one of the ex-girlfriend’s, Tina Jordan.

“Fun is what we do, including ghost chasing,” says Tina Jordan.

Produced by long-time television producer Harlan Freedman who has produced or created reality shows for Syfy, A&E, amongst other major TV networks, Prettiest Paranormal promises to be one of the web’s most talked about new series.

“Prettiest Paranormal is going to show footage too shocking for TV,” says Harlan Freedman.

Prettiest Paranormal showcases the enormously entertaining exploits of these beautiful, fun and intrepid stars as they attempt to unravel the causes of supernatural phenomena.  Unlike many of the scripted /reality shows on the internet, Prettiest Paranormal reveals the true nature of paranormal events as these formidable women seek the truth about them.

Prettiest Paranormal is sure to become a wildly successful web series, but such a major project requires funds for travel, editing, salaries, logistics and marketing.  The show’s producers have begun an Indiegogo campaign to raise $200,000 to produce 13 webisodes.  Fans of the show and its stars can make a financial contribution to this cutting edge entertainment project and receive a variety of perks including posters, shirts, set visits, lunch with the stars, or producer credits. 

To learn more about Prettiest Paranormal or to make a financial contribution, please visit

*This series is neither endorsed, nor sponsored by, nor affiliated with Playboy Enterprises, Inc. PLAYBOY and PLAYMATE are registered trademarks of Playboy Enterprises, Inc.

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