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Monday, June 23, 2014 Urges Caution In The Purchase Of Garcinia Cambogia As It Unveils A New Guide For Buyers is a leading Garcinia Cambogia information center that has been offering quality information regarding the popular weight loss extract.

Wausau, WI -, a leading Garcinia Cambogia information center has urged extreme caution in the purchase of the weight loss supplement as it unveils a new guide that will help people distinguish between genuine Garcinia Cambogia extracts and fake black market products that are now widespread across the US.

The provider noted that over the last decade or so the effectiveness of Garcinia Cambogia has continued to help people in the US lose weight but even in the midst of all these successes, there are still people who have failed to release the expected results just because they bought the fake product. In light of this, has seen it fit to launch a comprehensive and simple guide to potential Garcinia Cambogia buyers to help them only buy the genuine and authentic product.

According to weight loss and nutritional experts the launch of the new guide from has been long overdue. However, the level of confidence is high that the role the guide will play in promoting better and responsible practices in the purchase of the supplement will be amazing. In addition to this, nutritionist have echoed the latest call from the provider saying that it is the responsibility of each and every person looking to buy authentic Garcinia Cambogia to exercise caution so that they make sure they get the right products. has observed that for the best part of the last five years a lot of fake Garcinia Cambogia extracts have found their way into the US market. Although a lot of people have been attracted to these fake supplements due to their low costs, the truth is a lot have been disappointed by the incapacity of the supplements to help in weight loss.  While stopping the influx of fake products may be a tough task, is confident that equipping potential buyers with information is crucial in promoting access to authentic extracts.

The company has said that it will stop at nothing in making sure that each and every person gets a chance to sample the effective capacity of authentic Garcinia Cambogia extracts in weight loss and even in the future, has promised it will stay vigilant each and every day. For more information on the new guide and how you can use it please visit

About is a leading Garcinia Cambogia information center that has been offering quality information regarding the popular weight loss extract. The provider focuses on equipping its clients with information to use the products and also distinguish the authentic extract from the fake ones. For more information please visit

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