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Tuesday, May 6, 2014 Publishes Warning About Free Doctors’ Notes

Most people take a day off here or there in order to recharge their batteries but they have to produce a doctor's note to say why they have been off. has recently published a warning online about the problems relating to using free doctors' notes.

Saint Paul, MN – A recent warning has been published online about the problems that can arise for consumers that use free doctors’ notes, many of which are available online. The warning has been published by, and the article explains why opting for a free doctor’s note is a bad idea despite there being many samples of the notes on the internet. The article can be found at

The article goes on to explain that many of the free notes and templates that are available may look okay at first glance but that their lack of authenticity means that those with a trained eye – often school principals and bosses at work – can quickly see through them. This could result in the person using the note being called up on it and potentially getting into serious trouble for taking time off and then presenting the school or employer with an obviously fake note.

Instead, the site,, recommends looking for real excuse forms and templates, which are available from a number of sites online for those who spend time looking for the right tools and resources. The article suggests that those who decide to take a few days off work or school in order to recharge the batteries and take a break will be unable to benefit from their time off with a note that is not authentic looking, as they will be constantly worrying about the phone ringing and their boss calling them in or fretting about getting into trouble when they get back to school or work. However, this won’t be an issue for those who are able to find authentic templates that provide realistic looking notes.

An official from the site said: “Most people take a day off here or there in order to recharge their batteries but they have to produce a doctor’s note to say why they have been off. Those who simply choose the first free template they come across could find themselves running into big issues, which is why we strongly recommend looking for a better quality template, which can be found online.”

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