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Friday, May 30, 2014

Australia's 1300Plumber, 1300Electrician and 1300Builder Have Appointed New CEO To Take Business To The Next Level

We are delighted and excited about Abigail's decision to join our company, because now there is nothing holding us back from being #1 in our industry. She has the expertise and experience that we need to get to the next level.
News is spreading quickly of the appointment of Abigail Cheadle as the new CEO of 1300Plumber, 1300Electrician and 1300Builder. With this Appointment, it has been confirmed that 1300Plumber, 1300Electrician and 1300Builder seeks major expansion.

Victoria, Australia – May 30, 2014, Abigail Cheadle has been named as 1300Plumber, 1300Builder and 1300Electrician’s new CEO, in a strategic move to catapult the 1300 brand to the next level, pitting them against top competition in their industry. The striking difference between this company and its competition is that their teams are qualified to cater to all clients whether commercial or residential. The company reports that they will not tolerate tradies that cannot maintain quality standards. With the ability to complete a project from brick and mortar phase all the way through to inspections, it’s no wonder that the competition is on edge.

After months of speculation and buzz within the industry, a spokesman from 1300Plumber, 1300Electrician and 1300Builder came out to say, "We are delighted and excited about Abigail’s decision to join our company, because now there is nothing holding us back from being #1 in our industry. She has the expertise and experience that we need to get to the next level."

1300Plumber, 1300Electrician and 1300Builder are in the business of connecting customers to a local tradesperson, whether it’s for plumbing, electrical, inspections, installations and improvements, or home repair work. 1300 Plumber, 1300Electrician and 1300Builder has a unique business model in that a heavy emphasis is placed on the internet, and/or phone names and website aspect of the business, knowing that consumers have shifted towards the internet when looking for repairmen. The directory services are quickly becoming a thing of the past, and research suggests that this is because consumers want to know that their tradies are licensed for the skills they require, insured and police-checked.

Abigail Cheadle holds a Graduate Degree in business with over 20 years of experience throughout the globe, including Asia, the Middle East, Europe and of course Australia. She is also a Chartered Accountant with vast financial experience, including presiding over the restructuring of Sovereign debts as well as publicly traded companies. After Cheadle successfully restructured one of Indonesia’s largest listed finance companies, the share price went from IDR26 per share to IDR600 per share, and it currently hovers around IDR2000 per share.

1300Plumber and its sister companies, 1300Electrician and 1300Builder, have retained Abigail Cheadle to become the driving force of the group and to bring national awareness to the 1300Plumber, 1300Electrician and 1300Builder Brand. Right before press time it was also announced that 1300Plumber, 1300Electrician and 1300Builder, would increase their advertising budget exponentially, amongst other initiatives, in order for the brand to be recognized nationwide, as well as seek strategic partnerships with other related companies in order to expand 1300Plumber, 1300Electrician and 1300Builder.

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