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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Newly Regulated Life Settlement Industry Provides Arizona Seniors a New Option to Fund Retirement

LifeWell Settlements LLC — A Leader in the Life Settlement Industry.
Arizona Department of Insurance has published regulations for the burgeoning Life Settlement Industry allowing seniors to safely sell their Life Insurance policies for substantial cash payments rather than simply letting them lapse or accepting their policy's cash surrender value.

The Life Settlement industry is entering its third decade of steady growth but is positioned to grow exponentially as Arizona becomes the 45th state to regulate this important retirement planning option for seniors. LifeWell Settlements LLC, a leader in the Life Settlement industry, works with policyholders and their financial representatives to package and present these life policies to investors in the secondary market for insurance.

Acknowledging Arizona’s new regulations, LifeWell timed the opening of their new Phoenix office to coincide with the implementation of these new regulations. “We prefer operating in regulated environments where our customers are assured we are always in full compliance and adhere to all transparency, disclosure and privacy laws,” stated Bob Moroney, LifeWell’s CEO and Founder. “Life Settlements had a rocky start in the 1980s, but the current preponderance of state regulations confirms, as an industry, we’ve arrived, and provides seniors a real sense of comfort when considering the sale of their life insurance policy,” he continued.

LifeWell Settlements LLC offers this important retirement option for seniors 65 years of age an older in the Phoenix area and throughout Arizona. By selling a life insurance policy which they no longer need or find unaffordable, seniors can take full advantage of the value of their life policies. “Life Settlements are another option for seniors to fund a sustainable retirement as typically, according to the Government Accounting Office (GAO), Life Settlements pay a policyholder three to eight times more than surrendering the policy back to the insurer,” explained Bob Moroney. Seniors should be aware that most life insurance companies will not explain that this option exists. Further, most financial planners, CPAs, advisors and attorneys are still not aware that this valuable option exists for their senior clients. After seniors receive these lump sum cash payments for their policies, they are free to use the funds for any purpose or simply reinvest the monies into a higher paying annuity.


LifeWell Settlements is an Arizona Limited Liability company with offices located in the Biltmore Office Plaza, 2942 N 24th ST, Suite 114-717, Phoenix, AZ 85016. LifeWell Settlements is a leader in the Life Settlement Industry partnering nationwide with a team of settlement exchange professionals with over 20 years market experience to represent senior life insurance policyholders and work with their advisors to sell their policies to investors in the secondary insurance market.

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