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Monday, May 12, 2014

Former NBC’s The Voice, Xfactor & American Idol Contestants Join Forces on a new Web Series, Artist’s Encore!

Artists are ready to reveal their challenges, gains and what they are most passionate about as singer/songwriters in this new web series. We all know these artists have been seen once, but soon forgotten on many levels. This series brings them back around allowing them another shot at what’s really important to them, their music.

Artist’s Encore really focuses on the artist’s stories, not just their voice. Reaching out to their fans on a whole new level. With the addition of live show performances, open to the public. You’ll be able to connect like never before as these artists share their passion for music & what their next step is in their career.

This pilot series for Artist’s Encore is compiled of five regular episodes and one final showcase.

Over 20 talented singers/songwriters from The Voice, Xfactor and American Idol collaborate together to bring a growing fan base the best information and visual updates to their eyes and ears about their stories.  

Serious Take Productions, is collaborating with LeftJet Studios in Seattle for the interview segments of the show. Interview portions are recorded with celebrity correspondent, Jennifer Tapiero. She has background in interviews as well as runs her own radio talk show, JENeration. In addition, there will be live musical performances in Seattle, WA held at Nectar Lounge. Open to the public, tickets will be available at the door & online in advance. The music showcases are set up based on different genres, including, Pop, R&B, Country, Indie R&B, Soul and more! A wide variety of shows to come check out!

Unlike the reality music tv shows such as American Idol, there are no other ‘judges’ involved. This is meant to be a real people’s choice revolution! It is all up to you – the followers from all over. You get the chance to vote. Voting poles will be open up to a week! Yes, you get ample time to get your votes in, and be able to watch your favorite episode at any time you wish. No rushing to the tv or having to push your DVR to record it. As we reach out to sponsors, investors and backers on our kickstarter campaign. Be sure to check out what awesome things your pledges get in return. No one goes home empty handed. Get a deluxe digital download of your fav genre week, get a documentary DVD of behind the scene footage of your favorite artists, to VIP Passes & meet and greets with the artist’s in Seattle, and the ability to become one Executive Producers! That is right get the credits and more! Be sure to check out the campaign to see what is catered to your needs as a fan or investor. This is for a limited time and Artist’s Encore Campaign appreciates all the pledges, shares, posts, tweets, likes and more.

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