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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The technical features and mechanism of ultrasonic cleaner from Beijing Yongda

March 25, 2014, Beijing. As the strong cleaning effect and high precision cleaning for the dirty in little cracks holes or other small spaces, the ultrasonic cleaner from Beijing Yongda Ultrasonic CO., LTD become more and more welcomed by the their clients who usually applied their products into ultrasonic teeth cleaning and industrial working pieces cleaning. Today, the editor from this famous Chine manufacturer will introduce with people details about the technical features and mechanism of their cleaning machine.

The main mechanism of ultrasonic transducer from Beijing Yongda could be concluded into the following areas. The strong impact waves which caused by the cavitation bubbles bursting will strip the dirt layer on the surface of the objects. The bubbles which generated by the cavitation will enter into the gap between the inner layer and the surface of dirt and then the dirt layers will be stripped one by one as synchronous expansion and contraction of these small bubbles. This phenomenon will be lasted until the dirt layer is completely stripped. In addition to the physical effect of machine itself, the chemical effect of the cleaning agent will also play crucial role to cleaning the dirty layers.

The technical of the ultrasonic cleaning transducer from Beijing Yongda should be the good cleaning effect, high cleaning level and consistent cleaning level of whole workpiece. Based on the actual feedback data of clients of Yongda, their machine own features of high cleaning speed which will totally improve production efficiency. Then, people do not need to manually contact with cleaning fluid which should be safe and reliable. On the other hand, their ultrasonic cleaning machine could also better clean the dirty into the hole, slit and other small pieces. After carefully calculation, their machine could help factory largely save the solvents, heat, work sites and labor.

Furthermore, the cleaning method of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is better than the conventional cleaning methods especially for the workpiece owns the more complex surface, such as the workpiece which has uneven surface and mechanical parts has blind holes. For the products which own small size and igher requirements for cleanliness, such as watches, precision machinery parts, electronic components, circuit board assembly and others, the application of ultrasonic cleaning can achieve very good results. This is another technical factor of the ultrasonic cleaning.

After here, each reader should be totally clear about the technical features and mechanism of the ultrasonic cleaning machine produced by Beijing Yongda Ultrasonic If you are interested about their products, please note the contact information below.

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Beijing Yongda Ultrasonic CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer of specialized in various piezoelectric ceramic, ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic cleaner, ultrasonic immersible transducer, ultrasonic generator and other ultrasonic products, we has advanced production equipment, improve the detection means and a strong technical force..

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