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Friday, March 28, 2014

Development And Trends Of The Famous Fashion Clothes Brand - Juicy Couture

March 28, 2014, UK. The famous Juicy Couture is the fashion brand of California of America. The main businesses of this world famous fashion brand focus on women's wear, men's clothing, children's wearing, sports leisure clothing, pet clothing, bracelets, watches, bags, perfume and others. According to the introduction of editor from which is the official online seller for cheap Juicy Couture UK, the famous brand of JC was created by Pamela Skaist Levy and Gela Nash in 1995.

In the beginning stage of the establishment of this famous fashion brand, Juicy Couture only design the comfortable recreational dress, which was very popular in the west coast of the United States. Soon, because most of the uppers female stars chosen to wear Juicy Couture, this brand became the girls’ favorite choice.

People could freely take a view at official online platform of Juicy Couture UK and they could find that the designation of Juicy Couture fashion brand from California takes sweet girl’s style. On the other hand, Juicy Couture select the extremely bright color, which let the design has both the pure and fresh feeling and the suitable feminine tasting. The colors of this famous brand series include both the sweet like candy pale yellow, peak green, colored blue, pink and natural beige, light green and so on. No matter what kind of color, it will let each beauty feel the vitality of youth.

Furthermore, the women clothing of Juicy Couture emphasizes the combination of comfortable feeling and fashionable stylish. For the sports clothing of Juicy Couture, theyr are full of simple sense and streamline modelling designation and each detail could reveal the nobility and sexy of fashionable women. By the special designation, Juicy Couture sportswear can effectively highlight the charm of the new generation of women.

In addition to the charming fashionable clothes, the brand Juicy Couture also promote the bracelet, necklace and other accessories with related themes to highlight each women’s experience for wearing. In each season, Juicy Couture will launch the related theme pendants, bracelet and necklace to match the promoted clothes. Each fashion girl could not miss these beautiful accessories.

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