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Monday, April 14, 2014

The advantageously characteristics of the high quality LED HIGH BAY lights

April 14, 2014-China-Nowadays, the LED high bay light already became one of the main national energy saving projects of many countries during the development of the past several years. Today, the concept of the environmentally and friendly has become crucial part of industrial areas and the development of the industry of the lighting products. However, the LED high bay light could totally meet with this demand. That is why this kind of energy saving product could be vigorously promoted. However, each of manufacturers such as for this LED lighting product will also try their best to continue to optimize and improve this product. Today, the technician from will introduce with people some of the characteristics of led high bay.

The first factor is the price of the LED high bay. Do not think that the price of LED energy-saving lamps is cheap. On the contrary, the price of the newly LED industrial lights is higher than that of the incandescent lamps. The price of two or three traditional industrial lighting sources should be equal with one led high bay light. It has been normally said that one LED high bay light should be consisted of 300 to 500 diodes and many other complicated components.

The second factor of the LED high bay light refers to its voltage. The LED energy-saving light applies the low-voltage power supply and the power supply voltage should be between 6 to 24V, which could be varied according to different kinds of product. So, it could be much more secure than the applying of traditional high voltage power supply. For the industrial where the safety is very crucial, the LED industrial lights should be the best choice.

The third factor should be the response time. As the scientific survey from, the response time of the traditional incandescent lamp is millisecond. However, for the LED lighting products, this time could be the range of nanoseconds.

The fourth factor of the LED high bay light relates to the Effectiveness. As the official static, the reducing of the energy costing of LED high bay light could be 80% compared to the incandescent light efficiency. That is to say the application of this kind of product could help each factor save a lot of lighting energy cost.

The fifth factor should be the amazing Stability and service life of the LED lighting which could reach to 100,000 hours. Today, no matter how advanced used into the traditional lighting product, their service life could not chase with the LED lighting product.

On the other hand, the normal LED industrial lighting product from does not have any environment harmful substance which could cause into the environmental pollution.

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