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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Quality Slip Rings and Slip Ring Assembly Models Available Online
Innovative slip ring solutions for every unique requirement

April 15th, 2014, USA. A slip ring is required to transmit power or electrical signals to a rotating structure from one at rest. This is an electromechanical device and can be used in any such system that should rotate either continuously or intermittently and should be able to transmit power, signals or data as required. Hence, obviously slip rings and slip ring assembly systems find applications in a number of diverse fields including military and defense, medical, manufacturing fields, etc.

Though all types of slip ring systems transmit power, signals and data, not every slip ring is the same. The design or model depends upon a number of factors; some of these include the working environment, the physical slip rings dimensions required, the rotating speed of the system, financial constraints, etc. Depending on the above factors and many more the model of the slip ring to be manufactured depends. Hence, it is important consider all such factors during manufacture and purchase.

Currently, there is a website online where a number of models and types of slip ring assemblies are available. This slip ring manufacturer also provides specific models as per the requirement and specifications of interested customers.

The website says, “Slip rings are always part of a larger mechanism with a need to pass specific electrical power and signal circuits through a rotating surface. The mechanism the slip ring is part of operates in an environment such as an aircraft or a radar antenna system. AOOD will help you to specify your slip ring need and select the optimum model for your design requirements.” Hence, every possible aid will be provided here to make a selection that is perfectly suitable for one’s requirement.

When selecting the perfect slip ring assembly to suit one’s requirement some of the important factors to be considered include the dimensions of the area where the slip ring assembly is to be installed, the physical arrangement, the rotating features like the speed, etc, the circuits in the assembly, the electric voltage transmitted, operating environment specifications like temperature, humidity, type of environment like corrosive, salty, etc. Depending on electrical slip ring all these specifications, the slip ring assembly will be designed and treated in such a way that it will be able to work well in the required environment and give optimum performance.

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