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Monday, April 14, 2014

High Quality Cell Phone Jammers at Wholesale Price
Compact and Powerful Portable Jammers for Various Usages

BEIJING, CHINA - April 9th, 2014 – Many a times passengers in buses, metros or any other public transport feel disturbed when the co-passengers are continuously chatting and are major cause of disturbance. People who find it very disturbing usually wish for something that can block the signals. The best thing to do is to get a portable cell phone jammer that will help in blocking the signals within certain radius. This way people can get rid of all those disturbances. There are 4G mobile phone jammers which have the ability to block 3G, 2G, DCS, GSM, WiFi, CDMA, GPS and 4G signals. These are the perfect jamming devices which will allow the users to block a particular frequency band or multiple frequency bands depending upon their requirement. Most of these portable jamming devices come with a fan which keeps the jammers cool especially during prolonged usage.

The 4G LTE Cell Phone Jammer for instance is a high quality signal jammer with features such as super-high frequency, high efficiency and mini-power interference. It can effectively portable mobile phone jammer make subsections by just interfering the downlink with no interception at the base station. This device is portable by all means because it is light in weight, easy to carry and smaller in size. There are certain models of cell phone jammers which are basically designed to protect the privacy. It is important to protect the information when it comes to military and security services. The encryption technology in most of the jammers allows both privacy and protection at the same time.

The handheld portable 4G cell phone jammer has extremely good features as mentioned above. These devices have the ability to switch on and switch off a single band separately without influencing the other bands. The high power wifi signal jammers come with powerful phone jammers for sale antennas and enhanced features. This device can block anywhere between 2400 and 2500 mhz wifi signals. This is an extremely efficient device that can just cut off WiFi signals without causing any doubt. The site offers some of the latest and best mobile jammers available today.

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Jammer Sales, based at Beijing, China offers high quality mobile phone jammers at wholesale and affordable prices. From GPS jammers to WiFi jammers, there are various multi-functional jammers for different requirements.

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