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Friday, June 20, 2014

Michigan Inventor Astounds People With His Creative Solutions To Make Yard Work Easy - Features Yard Tools That Make Yard Work Fun & Easy

Chuck Clevenger was sick and tired of struggling to clean up his yard. As an accomplished inventor, Chuck decided to invent his own solutions to the drudgery of yard work.

ZEELAND, MICHIGAN, June 20, 2014. Fall is a beautiful season in many parts of the country, beautiful colors abound, and the leaves start to fall. Picking-up the leaves can become quite a task, and nobody enjoys the endless hours it takes to clean-up the yard, especially when old-fashioned yard totes fall over and dump out all of the leaves that took so long to collect. Well, all that is changed thanks to a 78-year old inventor from Holland, Michigan named Chuck Clevenger. He was already a successful commercial inventor, so he took it upon himself to invent a set of yard clean-up items that turn work into a fun activity for the entire family. was launched by Chuck to offer his solutions to the community, and everybody is happy that he did, as it is now a simple task to pick-up the leaves and other debris from the yard with a minimum of effort, all the while getting some great fresh air and quality time with the family. Chuck’s Leaf Tote has astounded many folks with its ability to hold and transport leaves across the yard, over rough surfaces, and then empty it out. Forget about plastic or paper bags that fall over and can rip and tear, emptying your hard work all over the place. This leaf gathering tool allows everybody to collect large amounts of leaves and transport them all at once. This can greatly cut down on work time compared to using a wheelbarrow or other methods, by as much as 75 percent.

Another great yard tool is the Bag Frame Tote from It is an innovative creation that makes leaf collecting and transporting a breeze. Its sturdy frame holds a paper leaf bag securely in place. No longer will the paper leaf bags become wet and fall apart while being dragged around the yard. This method is much easier and faster than filling wheelbarrows or trying to drag leafs on tarps. Its lightweight design makes leaf collecting a one-person job anyone can do.

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