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Friday, March 14, 2014

Artistic Painting Reproductions from World Famous Paintings
Wide Range of Painting Categories to Choose from Refine Gallery

XIAMEN, CHINA – March 14th, 2014 – Every painting has a story to narrate and many a times it would leave the viewer with a great sense of inquisitiveness and wanting to know more about it. Refine Gallery brings many such wonderful paintings which are true masterpieces and painting reproductions inspired from world famous paintings and renowned artists from across the world. Each and every painting created here is painted by professional and the best artists in the country. All the oil painting reproductions resemble the original paintings in each and every possible way including components, detailing, levels of colors, brushwork, tone, proportion and so on. At least 90 – 95 percent of the original artwork is reproduced. This can be achieved only by experienced, efficient and knowledgeable artists.

All the details in these oil paintings are sharp, precise and clear. There are paintings that are of top quality and there are others of high and medium quality. While the top quality paintings meet the standards of the original painting with a 95% success rate, the high quality paintings meet the standards by 80%. The medium quality oil painting reproductions are painted by amateur artists or who are still trying to develop their art techniques. While the key components are taken care of, the artists need to develop in the areas of detailing. Nevertheless, these paintings are also preferred by many customers.

Customers can choose to buy a painting reproduction that has been originally painted by china oil painting wholesale their favorite painters. They can browse from the available artists and find their favorite artwork. They can also request for custom masterpiece reproductions. They can also choose to browse by subject or the type of painting such as abstract paintings, contemporary paintings, flower painting and many more. The Venice Oil Paintings are probably some of the most liked paintings of all. Although it depends on the personal choice of the customers, there are paintings for everyone and every taste or preference.

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About Refine Gallery

Refine Gallery, based at Xiamen, China is a professional art gallery wholesale oil paintings which provides masterpiece painting reproductions for their customers worldwide. They can also customize the orders as per their customers’ needs, requirements or specific requests.

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