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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cloud IQ Reveals How to Recover 20% of Abandoned Online Sales and Boost Revenue up to 5%

Cloud IQ highlights the impact of cart abandonment on online sellers. The company provides cart recovery solutions to help merchants maximize their sales.

Cart abandonment is a big issue among e-commerce websites and it is causing serious problems for online businesses. These days, it is expected that 70% of UK online shoppers will abandon their carts and this trend is growing, with the average abandonment rate reaching 73.6% in the first quarter of 2013. However this is not the worst of it and some industry areas have higher rates than others; an example of this is online mobile phone sales where there is as much as a 97% abandonment rate observed among shoppers.

There are a number of factors that can make a person abandon their cart. Things such as hidden charges or unexpected costs that are added on during the final stages of a sale are common reasons for abandoning one’s shopping. The trend can also be traced to a certain time of the day or influenced by external factors, such as shopper mood. Regardless of the reason however, all of these abandoned carts translate to lost revenues for the online business. Maintaining a website costs money, especially if it has been especially designed to include features which attract customers. Therefore, losing customers at the selling stage puts all these efforts in vain and can result in financial strain.

Cloud IQ has seen however that there is an opportunity for cart recovery that is waiting to be taken, and they want to share this message with the online community. According to them, 88% of consumers would not mind receiving an email after they have abandoned their online sale and up to a third of people would even welcome anylater assistance related to the sale. The company also added that abandoned sales are 10 times more likely to convert than other site visitor, and that’s why they believe cart recovery is essential for online success. This is good news for online retailers as cart recovery sales can boost revenue up to 5%, which is a significant amount for many online merchants.

Because of this, Cloud IQ wants to highlight the importance of cart recovery in any online sales strategy. Better yet, to help businesses take advantage of this opportunity, the company provides a cart recovery solution that can help recover 20% of abandoned sales. Interested clients can sign up for a free audit and find out how much more they could be earning with the help of the cart recovery solution. In addition to this, the cart recovery system features real time data capture and reporting for analysis, which is useful for assessing ROI. Finally, Cloud IQ can also provide upgrades to anywebsite and work with a company to create a more effective sales strategy.

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