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Monday, February 24, 2014

Chic Resumes Builds Work Histories That Prevent Job Seekers from Lying on Applications

As job seekers continue to lie on their resumes, Chic Resumes is making an effort to help applicants shine the truth on their CVs.

According to professional resume writing firm Chic Resumes, work histories are designed to help job seekers present their skill sets in an impressive light. However, those who struggle to translate their skills and experience may end up lying on their resumes in order to get an interview. Not only could lying on a resume put an applicant in a job they are not qualified for, but this form of falsification could end up discrediting a professional for his or her entire career.

A recent article from the New York Post exemplifies this risk, noting the case of one school principal that was caught “fibbing” on his resume. With ongoing remarks and discretion of his actual abilities, it is becoming clear that lying about one’s history can create an online reputation scandal that is difficult to correct.

The problem with lying on resumes has become so predominant that many employers are starting to consider new strategies to verify the specifics that applicants list. One report from OneNews indicates that some employers in New Zealand may consider the use of lie detectors during job interviews to ensure that applicants are entirely truthful about their capabilities.

While recent research has suggested why some individuals may lie on their resume—including extensive periods of unemployment or envy of other professionals—Amanda Clark, CEO of Chic Resumes says falsifying job information is a major mistake for any candidate.

“Job seekers would never want an employer to lie about a job description; it is important to show the same respect when listing skills and experience on a resume,” says Clark, “Fortunately, there are many ways to resolve gaps in resumes in an honest fashion. With the right resume language and presentation, individuals can describe skills they really have to boost their appeal in the competitive job market.”

Chic Resumes reports that with more employers becoming more stringent in reviewing resumes, many professionals have sought the help of professional resume writing services. Dedicated to helping job seekers present themselves in an honest and flattering manner, Chic Resumes is one such company that offers extensive review, editing and writing of CVs for professionals in any industry.


Chic Resumes is a comprehensive professional resume writing service that specializes in helping job seekers boost their appearance in the job market. This company offers in-depth consultation, allowing candidates to explore their job history and skill sets. With a series of services—from entry level to senior management resume packages—Chic Resumes can provide the level of insight needed to ensure clients come out with a clean, polished and appealing resume. Those looking for resume and cover letter assistance are invited to contact Chic Resumes at (803) 831-7444(803) 831-7444 and tune into Twitter (@ChicResumes) and Facebook for updates.

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