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Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Biggest Risk of Do-It-Yourself Medical Tourism

Meranda Glesby coordinates patient travel in Costa Rica. Here, she is at the patient desk in the new Clinica Unibe wing, in Jan, 2014. English speaking medical travel and tour staff, who are also Costa Ricans, make the process much smoother for the patients and medical staff.
Considering medical treatments abroad? Although it seems like a great idea, in the end, Americans often make poor choices even after "doing their homework." The other alternative, is to contact NC Medical Travel, and put their experience to work for you. Caring, ProMed certified staff take you smoothly through the process.

Winston-Salem, NC, USA. We have heard some very sad stories of brave people having a bad experience with medical tourism. Usually, it involves getting bad medical treatment from a bad doctor in a bad facility. Sometimes that is topped off with a stay in a bad hotel in a bad part of town. That can happen in the U.S. almost as easily as Costa Rica, Mexico, India, or any other foreign country, especially if you are a foreigner seeking medical tourism.

The biggest risk of "do-it-yourself "medical tourism is winding up with bad healthcare.

This is not really the traveller's fault. It is very hard to know what's what when you are hundreds of miles away, do not speak the language, and do not know who to trust.

That is where companies such as North Carolina Medical Travel come in. They are a medical travel consulting service that arranges for patients  to have a positive experience and even an amazing vacation as a pleasant side effect. They make sure you find your way to the good doctors (or dentists) in state-of-the-art hospitals or clinics. They hand-pick their partners for their quality, right down to the hotels and tourism providers.

One such growing hospital in Costa Rica, with excellent doctors and staff, is Clinica Unibe ( The NC Medical Travel CEO and RN were there in January, 2014, to tour their new wing along with hospital staff and surgeons from the USA. Knowing the hospitals, prices, specialists (with patient feedback) — this is a wealth of experience you can depend on to take the "risk" out of "do-it-yourself" medical tourism.

Low-quality healthcare is unwanted and a shame, but bad healthcare could cost someone thousands of dollars to correct or even permanent health problems. NC Medical Travel or "MediRica" offers a "safety net" for those seeking medical tourism and the low costs and high quality Costa Rica has to offer.

NC Medical Travel

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NC Medical Travel is a travel agency of a better kind. Their personalized attention and commitment to service includes being along in person when their guests are traveling. Their personal recommendations make everything about these trips easier. The company is owned and operated in the United States, but is also on the ground in Costa Rica when needed by their guests. They are certified by PROMED, a official Costa Rican regulatory body which requires high standards.Their website is

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