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Friday, April 18, 2014

Premier Marketer Uncovers Tuths About The Traffic Mice Software In His Latest Review

We all know that Google dominates as the preferred search engine market with a share of over 65% in the U.S alone. Now with the increase of the use of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, Google’s mobile revenue is due to increase by a 3.13%. For more information one can read the - Traffic Mice Review thread.

Google has close to 90% of its share in the mobile search industry, and it continues to rise through the use of smartphone, tablets and other mobile devices with the use of its ads and apps. You also have an increase in Google’s apps with Android operating systems with app sales on its play store. More information may be seen on the - Traffic Mice Review fanpage.

Let’s just take a look at Google’s mobile ad spending which is expected to grow in the next few years due to increasing budgets. This growth is fueled by the increase in internet traffic from these mobile devices. According to eMarketer, the Global Mobile ad spending has increased to 105% and it’s now worth about $17.96 billion. These are just figures from last year, yet we predict that it is poised to grow to $31.45 billion this year and $94.91 billion by 2018. One may watch the - Traffic Mice Review video for more insights.

The main reasons of why Google dominates in the mobile search ads industry is its reach among the majority of mobile phone users. ComScore reports that Google sites ranked as the top web property on smartphones in the U.S, reaching an 89.4% of its mobile media audience (figures based on the use of its app for browsing). Even in the app space, we have Google Play, and the Search and YouTube app have about 50% reach among the mobile audience. Therefore advertisers are willing to pay a higher revenue per search on Google.

With Google’s mobile ad market share expected to grow to $32.61 billion by 2020, its RPS is projected to grow to $8.50 by 2020. Making it a wise investment for those who would like to buy Google mobile ad market shares.

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