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Monday, April 21, 2014

Childhood Toxicity Expert Stephanie Ray Set for BlogTalkRadio Appearance

If your child needs help with immune health, communication and speech, bowel and gut function, skin sensitivities and eruptions, food intolerance and other health issues... this show is expected to carry significant importance.
BIORAY kids President to guest on acclaimed host Jeanette Gallagher's internet radio show to discuss epidemic of childhood toxicity overload, BIORAY kids and providing safe and effective solutions for our modern lifestyle.

Are your children experiencing multiple sensitivities and symptoms that are affecting their quality of life? Do you seem to not know what is coming next with your child and feel like you live at the doctor's office with little or no results? Does your child have a toxic load that you need to clear and you have no clue how to do it or even where to start? If these are questions you can relate to and have asked yourself, help may soon be on the way.

Stephanie Ray, President and CEO of Bioray Inc, The Natural Detox Company, is scheduled to appear on Jeanette Gallagher’s BlogTalkRadio show “Alternative Medicine and Wellness” on Wednesday April 23. The show titled, “Toxic Overload in Children and how that can Affect their Health” is expected to draw a wide audience of parents, educators, and health professionals-all whom share a common bond for keeping children healthy, both mentally and physically.

With over 20 years of experience in Chinese medicine specializing in detoxification and organ support, Ray has both firsthand experience and extensive clinical knowledge of the negative health effects environmental toxins have on public health. Over the last 7 years, that same interest has extended further to supporting daily detoxification in children. As a grant sponsor for Generation Rescue, Stephanie realized that the increase of toxins in today’s environment is having a detrimental impact on children’s health.  

If your child needs help with; immune health, communication and speech, bowel and gut function, skin sensitivities and eruptions, and food intolerance, this show is expected to carry significant importance. Ray, whose 20+ years of experience with Bioray, the Natural Detox Company Inc, specifically formulates a product line designed to support the systems of the body to clear out toxins and allow the body to perform as biology intended. With consumers becoming increasingly educated on the links between quality ingredients and subsequent health results, all Bioray products are gluten-free, non-GMO, and are made with organic or wild crafted herbs.

“Appearing on Jeanette Gallagher’s show is exciting. She is not afraid of taking risks in tackling topics many other hosts are hesitant or not willing to talk about. She is doing it in a way that is engaging, edgy, and at the same time educational. I look forward to our discussion and hope together we can help listener’s learn more about health options for their families and provide timely, sensible health advice,” said Ray.   

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