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Thursday, March 20, 2014

"Sunflower" and "The Swing" are very hot-selling oil painting reproductions from Art-Inthebox

March 20, 2014. Oil paintings could be considered the gems of human culture and history. After seeing those oil painting masterpieces, people would naturally feel like owning one of these famous art works. However, the exorbitant price should be main obstacle which for each people who fall in love with these beautiful art gems. But today, people do not need be concerned with the high price of these masterpieces as the famous handmade oil painting supplier provides low-price oil painting reproductions of these famous art works for everyone to be able to afford them. This article will now recommend two hot-selling paintings of this first-class oil paintings supplier.

The first one is the "Sunflower" painted by Vincent van Gogh in 1888. This painting was created by Van Gogh when he lived in the South of France. The brilliant sunlight of Southern France made this Dutch painter ecstatic. So, he painted a series of still life works in brilliant yellow color to express his inner excitement. Among all of these still life paintings, the "Sunflower" is the most famous one. In this oil painting, the painter used short strokes to paint the yellow sunflower extremely bright. Each flower is like a burning flame and crushing petals and leaves which like flames covered the whole screen of this painting. This painting fully shows with people the Fever like life passion of Van Gogh. After the calculation of last month, already sold 5 pieces of this oil painting reproduction.

The second hot selling oil painting reproduction is "The Swing." This delicate oil painting was created by Jean Honore Fragonard who was the famous French Rococo style painter. On the sense of this oil painting, people could see that a young woman wearing a pink dress to play the swing in the dense shade of the garden. In the shade area behind this woman, there is an old man who is holding the swing. This old man is her husband. In the bright area at the front of this woman, a hide young is going give the eye to this beautiful young woman on the swing. However, the old man behind this beautiful woman knows nothing about this matter. However, only small cupids look out this matter and use their forefinger as reminder. This should be a very funny oil painting in the art history. Most of client of all said that this oil painting own very delicate painting stroke.

Fragonard Jean Honore was student of Francois Boucher (1703-1770). After learning with Boucher, he also continued to study painting of Chardin and made significant progress. He also studied in Italy and went back to Paris after the 31-year-old. At the period of time in Paris, he began his real creative activities. His work practices are varied. It includes both bold and wanton painted and strict carefully depicting. The Swing could be regarded as his representative works, which make the clever use of light and shade variations and fully display the beauty of the gardens and woods by delicate brushstrokes.

In addition to the above two oil painting masterpieces reproduction, there are more than 100,000 famous oil paintings on website That is to say each consumer could easily find the oil painting they want to reproduce by truly handmade process.

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