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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Elite Marketer Reveals Shocking Truths About The Survey Social Pilot Plugin In His Latest Review

There are some new strategies as far as determining the value of backlinks to websites. Today, the sites that do rank the highest on Google still have lots of backlinks, it is just that the quality of those backlinks has everything to do with the ranking. For more information, one can read the - Survey Social Pilot Review thread.

Google came out with a new evaluation recently called Panda which started to devalue the backlinks from private blog networks, because they were really not reflective of a true organic interest in the content of the blogs or websites, but contrived and mechanized simply to rank. More information may be found on the - Survey Social Pilot Review Fanpage.

The final conclusion that Google came to on that subject was that the relationships and links that come in from guest posts are probably about five times more valuable than the setting up of a network of private blogs that all have contrived postings to an website.

The reason guest posting works so well is that this is what the search engines, especially Google, want because no one is reading your microblog, but when links come in from a blog or a website that ranks higher than you do, that is authority. It favors what link juice is all about and that is directing interest and content to other supportive sites on the same subject.

Another unexpected trend is the outbound links to .gov and .edu sites, because the thinking is that you are using authoritative references to back up your information, once again giving authority to your site. That makes sense.

Not to overdo things, but balance is the key and build systematically and Google will like you. One question comes up as to how many backlinks are too many, and the answer is that you cannot have too many. You can have too many of the wrong kind, and that is the point.

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